Welcome to Lyons Accountancy Group
In today's economic environment, financial decisions, no matter how clear-cut they may seem, impact many areas. It is important that the decisions you make involve careful planning and consideration of all the factors involved.

The measure of our ability to provide quality services is the degree to which our involvement adds value instead of simply adding costs. We add value by providing timely, relevant services that have the capacity to make a difference. This enables you to better understand past events, form clearer predictions about the outcome of present and future events, and confirm or correct prior expectations.

Lyons Accountancy Group, a local full-service accounting firm, provides accounting, tax, and consulting services to a wide variety of businesses, not for profit organizations, and individuals. We are prepared and qualified to provide quality service and close personal attention.


We go beyond the routine to give you an extra dimension in thinking, effort and service that will help you meet your needs and achieve your objectives.